I know, I know...I'm shooting a Flintstone-era bow and just ought-a buy a new one:) I'm shooting a 2011 Martin Firecat 400. It's fast enough to do the job (though not so fast by today's standards) and still just as accurate for me as the day I bought it, so I haven't upgraded.

I'd like to finally eliminate the noisy "SOS" that has the rubber pad suspended between two hooks close to the nock that the string slaps against. On the right side of the riser below the grip, there's what appears to be a channel for a 3/8" rod with two set screws. I would like to try a string-stop there & see if it is any quieter. It's 7" from the riser to the string, so I would imagine that rod needs to be at least 8"...maybe 8.5"...as the slot is @ 1.5" long. An internet search hasn't given me enough information to confirm what I'm looking for. Either the length isn't listed or they say they're specifically for Matthews, etc.

Or in many cases the rod screws directly into the back of the riser. If you're familiar with the model, they don't just have a threaded hole...there's a slot ont he backside of the riser leading to a hollowed out area where lives a cylindrical "stop" thing that can be screwed into, but not just a threaded hole.

So, does anyone have any wisdom/experience replacing that SOS with a rod in that 3/8" slot or the back of the riser where that cavity and threaded cylinder are, and can you recommend a product?

Thanks so much for any help!


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