I have an old sigtac CP/1 prism scope on my AR-15. I love the reticle on this thing! I use it to shoot pigs, night hunting and it is super clear and thin. Doesn't mess with what I can see in in the longer lowest light shots. I'm getting ready to get a new 7.62x39 pig gun, and would like a similar reticled prism scope. I do not care if the drop lines are rated for the caliber as I never use them. I'm hardset on getting another thin lined, light up prism for the new gun, but am running into issues finding a similar reticle that doesn't look like is would wash out what I can see. Horseshoe, mil dots, red dots and whatnot are just a bit much in the dark. Anyone have a suggestion to look at?

Link to the reticle as I'm having a hard time dropping pics while at work:


Shot my first turkey today...Scared the crap out of everyone in the frozen food section, it was awesome!