At the small farm I hunt tonight. My sounder has grown by 4...sow that looked wet has 4 little piglets, 28 piglets total now, 4 adults plus a couple or more intermittent boars. Theyve been coming in 700 to 830 ish about 3-4 times a week. After several stakeouts in a row I missed tonight It was 30 min after sunset, that time when light fades literally by the minute. I was packing up and heard a squeal in the tree line. They came out where I have a camera set up, 215 yards out about a minute later. I closed half of that with a stalk. It was dark, dark backdrop. Couldn't see very well w/ my scope, even though it's good in low light. Had them bunched and thought I could go center of mass, but didnt like that idea. Even the adults were hard to figure out which end was which. Decided I'd try to tattoo a shoat so I marked a spotted one. I shot, they scattered, no blood.