Hey all,

I saw this on my FB feed from the TX Wildlife Association, thought I'd pass it along.

Turkey hunting couldn't come any sooner! Consider helping out PhD student Amanda Beckman this season:

My name is Amanda Beckman and I’m a PhD student in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology program at Texas A&M. I’m interested in studying Rio Grande Wild Turkeys (RGWTs) for my dissertation. One project I’m working on is collecting RGWT feathers from across the United States to extract DNA. We can use the information contained in DNA to look at genetic differences between turkeys in different regions and hybridization with other subspecies. I’m looking for individuals that are planning on hunting Wild Turkeys this season that are willing to collect and mail breast feathers to me, and provide some basic information about the bird (date, county/state of hunt, and sex). I will provide all the supplies and postage needed.

If you, or your family and friends, would be willing to assist in this project please get in contact with me so we can discuss the procedures. akb13@tamu.edu

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Adult late onset hunter. Why did I wait so long to get started?