I have several new openings on a few of my ranches for a fall rut hunt which would be in the September through early November time frame.
Some of these ranches have good roads and are milder terrain where others are very physically challenging.

These are completely free range fair chase hunts, no high fences and these properties are all strictly managed with limited hunts offered on
them each year. I have many references if you would like to talk to past clients or you can find reviews on line for us. No hidden fees, extra
trophy fees, etc. What you see is what you get. These are very high success rate hunts but you need to be able to shoot 300 to 400 yards.

Hunts take place in far west Texas, no draw for a license it is $48 OTC for non res.
Airports would depend which ranch you went with.

My pricing and info can be found here at this link: https://www.westtexashunt.com/aoudad.html

When you are on my website these are the spots I have open for each ranch. If you are interested I would be glad to forward over our available dates.
I will update my website as spots are booked.

Available “Tags” Spots Per Ranch
Sierra Blanca: 2 to 3, also 1 to 2 for Early 2021
Devils River #2: 3
Devils River #3: 5
Mayfield: 3
Devils River #1: 6 - separate set of open dates for this ranch

Thank you!

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Specializing in Free Range hunts in far west Texas for Native & Exotic Game. Hunts for All budgets with Financing available.


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