I was invited up to Oklahoma to hunt with a buddy. Aside from things being a muddy mess over much of the property, walking walk hampered by all the rooting holes. He had started baiting a rooting field for a couple of days before I arrived and the game cam showed baiting was effective and we set up to watch the field. He was shooting a 6.8 with a Pulsar Trail XQ38 and I was using a Bering Optics Hogster-R. Both are 384 resolution and the Pulsar is 2.1x native magnification and the Hogster-R is 2.0x. So they are fairly comparable optics in terms of resolution and magnification. That one was on white hot and one on black hot and differently adjusted made thermal sensitivity comparison difficult, but you can see the different in pixelation between the units.

My partner had a smaller sounder coming in with a sow (maybe 2), a boar, plus one larger boar seen elsewhere on the property. We were hoping to get a crack at the adults, but only a 100-125 lb sow with piglets arrived. Unfortunately, they hugged the tree line and did not come more out into the field closer to us and so we were shooting at around 180-200 yards. This seems to be near the limits of the effective ranges of these optics for these sizes of targets. No doubt targets could be taken farther, but with the resolution and magnification, it becomes more of a struggle.

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