Hello. Looking for a place within 3 hrs of Fort Worth. Ideally, in the San Saba/Lampasas/Brownwood area but definitely open to other areas as well. It would be mainly just myself but the wife and my young son would tag along a few times.

I am a management minded hunter and have been hunting all my life. I have been managing our family ranch in south Texas for the last 8 yrs but we had to sell the place at the end of last year. I am not looking for high scoring bucks but would like to see some animals. Hog and predator hunting along with archery is a plus, but not a necessity. Living quarters and/or power and water would be a big plus and I am open to joining a group as long as there aren’t too many hunters on one place. I have blinds and feeders ready and am willing to supplement feed in the off season. I would really like to get my kid introduced to the outdoors and have a place close to home.

Thanks for any help on this!