Howdy all, just wanted to spread the word about a great fellow Texan running for Traitor Bonnen’s old seat.
She really is one of s.

PRESS RELEASE: Rhonda Seth Earns Key Endorsements and Gains Momentum

Rhonda Seth, Republican candidate for House District 25, has picked up key endorsements in her bid to represent Brazoria and Matagorda counties, and more will come in February.

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, Texas Right to Life, Lone Star Gun Rights, Republican Liberty Caucus, leading conservative Rep. Jonathan Stickland, Veterans for the Preservation of Gun Rights, and 70 people - from Texans in the district and around the Lone Star State - have endorsed Rhonda Seth's campaign.

Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller announced his endorsement in mid-January, saying, "Rhonda Seth is the constitutional conservative we need fighting for the values of House District 25 in Austin. In a crowded primary field, Rhonda Seth has exhibited the courage needed to stand up in the face of adversity, shown by her willingness to stand up to incumbency. Rhonda has proven her commitment to public service through her career as an ER nurse. I recognize the need for a champion of the residents of HD-25. I believe Rhonda is that champion. I encourage farmers, ranchers, industry workers and Republicans throughout House District 25 to support Rhonda Seth in her election for State Rep."

The Political Action Committee for Texas Right to Life, the oldest and leading organization in Texas to protect life, endorsed Seth. Its director, Luke Bowen, said, "Rhonda Seth's Pro-Life convictions guided her to stand up to challenge Dennis Bonnen when no one else would. Her experience as a nurse will empower her to staunchly advocate for the preborn and vulnerable in the Texas House. Texas Right to Life is proud to endorse her campaign!"

Derek Wills, with Lone Star Gun Rights, endorsed Seth, saying, "We congratulate Rhonda Seth in earning the Hardest Endorsement in Texas. Rhonda has proven to us that she will push to expand our right to keep and bear firearms."

Republican Liberty Caucus Chairman, Jeff LeBlanc, said, "Her survey was one of the most impressive I have seen in a while. Also, her ability to stand for what was right, when no other candidate would, when not even the Republican Party of Texas would - that was bold. It was much easier and more opportunistic for those who filed to run after the Speaker's announcement to retire. Rhonda Seth braved to stand against the Speaker when he was still in this race, a sign of the backbone needed in Austin."

Conservative Republican Statehouse leader Jonathan Stickland issued his personal endorsement, saying, "It's a true opportunity for the voters in HD25, Brazoria and Matagorda counties - and the people of Texas, when a candidate steps forward that has strong conservative principles and the backbone to fight for those values in Austin. Rhonda Seth is that candidate, and Texas will be better if she wins the election on March 3rd. She has my support and endorsement."

Damian Bunde of Veterans for the Preservation of Gun Rights said, "We appreciate a candidate that had skin in the game when it truly mattered," referring to Seth's entrance into the race months before Bonnen removed himself from re-election.

And at her endorsement website,, 70 personal endorsements from within the district and around the State are found, from Stephen Willeford, the hero of Sutherland Springs, to local business people, such as Jennifer Auer, of the Auer Realty Group.

Seth said in response, "I'm humbled and grateful at the outpouring of support for our campaign to represent this great district by listening to the people and standing up in Austin. I appreciate my volunteers, campaign staff, and most of all, the voters. Let's stay true to Texas values."

Rhonda Seth is an ER nurse, married, and has two young children. She wants open and honest government and offers herself as a candidate to provide Brazoria and Matagorda counties with better representation.

More information about Seth's campaign can be found at

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