Video is some of the shots over the weekend in southeast Louisiana. Was not able to get a lot on video due to lack of shots and not getting cameras turned on in time because teal move really quick. As I state in the video, we traveled to a new area to us trying something different. Our main leased area that had been so good to us for many years has fizzled out and it was time for a change.

The new area has had quite a few teal buzzing around that was nice to see. Sunday there were some decent groups of big ducks around, but none came close enough for us to shoot. The cover we had probably had a lot to do with that but then we were expecting teal which don’t require much cover.
In the new spot we can’t get to the ponds in a boat rather have to drag pirogue to put out decoys and pick up ducks which we will do if we can shoot ducks. We shot 3 teal Saturday and 4 teal Sunday.

The duck season for 2019-2020 is over and for the first time ever I did not limit out on ducks any hunt this year. Despite the lack of ducks, we always have a good time in the outdoors and enjoy the camp life.

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