After a lot of discussion, we are going to drop our lease of 10 years, this year- just not as productive as we would like. We just don't see the number of deer that we think we should, given the location and info from local owners we have met over the years. We have had no issues with the landowner and we have improved the habitat. Have a group ( at least 4 possibly more) of ethical, mature (35-67 year old, not party people) looking for either a lease for deer, would also love ducks and fishing if possible. Would consider the right property for sale. Would want to be able to bring our kids and grand kids (not hunting age yet). Having a place to stay would be a plus.
I realize this is the "Unicorn" that everyone is looking for, but I also believe that "if you don't ask, you don't get".
PM me, and I will give you my info .
Thanks !