I am helping my best friend and his dad sell a few cull hunts and one trophy hunt for their lease in Mason County. This property has been for family and friends only with bigger buck hunts going to a large corporation until this year. They have hunted and guided on it for many years and were lucky enough to get the hunting leased on it starting this season. I am not an outfitter, I am receiving no money for this. I am just trying to help my good friends sell a few hunts to help pay the feed bill. Here is the details of the hunt.

ranch size - 1k acres under high fence
blinds and feeders are in place

Hunts will be Friday afternoon to Sunday at noon or equivalent. (4 sits)
Ranch provides MLD tags
Ranch provides breakfast and lunch. Nothing fancy.
skinning and quartering of game.

Not included-
meat storage

Hunts will be conducted as a "guides choice" style hunt. With upgrades available if you see a buck you love. Most of the culls are good 8's and 9's.

Price- $1450.00 per hunter for 1 deer. hogs are free if they show during the hunt. kid hunters are welcome

Trophy hunt - I will put you in contact with guide to discuss pricing - last years trophy was 170+

openings as soon as this weekend.

below are a few recent pics of some of the deer on the ranch.

PM me and I will put you in touch with my friend who will also be the guide for the hunt.

We are trying to keep this simple so please no outfitters trying to play middleman.

These are good folks who will treat you like family and make sure you leave happy. I can promise that.

Thanks, John

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