Last week I was hunting bear and lion in the Navajo Nation. Hunted Monday and didn't find much and went back into the same area on Tuesday and treed a small bear and one that a good friend from San Angelo killed. I had my dogs with me so we decided to try to find a lion before heading back to Texas on Thursday. Driving down a pretty well maintained dirt road, I see something in my headlights as I round a curve and shortly knew that it was a bear. I notified my sleepy riders, "BEAR"!!!! and kept pushing it with my truck. The bear crosses the road about 20 steps in front of my pickup and rears up on a tree, staring back over her shoulder. Everyone is now scrambling for their cameras but after about 10 seconds, the bear decides not to climb, rather retreat into the woods. Had I goosed the pickup closer to the bear, there is no doubt that she would have climbed.