Hey All, please don't yell at me if this info is findable somewhere else but I did not see a "looking for recommendations" section so that I would throw it up here. I am new to the forum as I have never hunted in TX, but I am bringing my son down for the January Youth Hunt at the Powderhorn WMA. From what I can tell we should have a good hunt there, but I want to make sure the trip to TX from VA is worthwhile and am trying to book a pig hunt somewhere on the way or close enough that we can hunt and then easily get down to the Port O'Connor area. The time is limited so I can't be flexible with the schedule which has been a problem for some of the outfits I have contacted. Ideally we will hunt pigs on Thursday, January 2. On Friday we will take care of the meat and relocate to Port O'Connor for his Saturday-Sunday hunt. If close by then a Jan 3 hunt would work too. Willing to try any method with the focus on being successful for my son and I on our first pig hunt. I would value quantity over size, but a big boar would be cool too. Cost is also limiting as we are looking under $300 per person to include my boy (11-years-old) and possibly my dad who may help with the driving. Appreciate any help. This is our first trip to Texas, but I am hoping it wont be the last. reply or pm is fine.

In Summary, here is my criteria:
Location = Somewhere within a 3-4 hour drive of Port O'Connor. (South of Waco, East of San Antonio)
Cost = $250-$300 per person for a one-day or one-night hunt.
Date = January 2 or 3

FYI - Andrew (my son) is a fairly new hunter, but he did get his first deer last year and I expect he will get one or two more this year before we make that trip.[Linked Image]