I have a group that had 2 hunters just back out. They are looking for 2 hunters to join their group. It is 1300 per gun. Below is a rundown on the lease info. If you have any questions feel free to call me at 979.864.6942

***Triple D Duck Club***

Property located in Danbury and Blessing

Danbury Property

30 Crawfish Ponds that vary in size from 5 acres to 15 acres each

We also added the adjacent property of 698 acres to the club this year. This new property will offer us new locations for duck, dove and goose hunting along with catch and release bass fishing!

This property offers the following

2- 8 Acre Ponds

1- 13 Acre Pond

1- 21 Acre Reservoir

150 acres of Rice with the option to flood a hole, we will decide this as a club.

The 21 acre Reservoir is also stocked with bass. Catch and Release bass fishing is included during the offseason.

Blessing Property

170 acre Reservoir

60 acre Reservoir

350 acres of fields that are either fallow or planted in row crops (milo, corn, cotton, soybeans, etc.) Fields will be open for Dove and Goose hunting.

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Triple D Duck Club