**Fall/Winter Animal surplus list 2019-2020**
Hog Deer: $4,500.00
Big White Buffalo Bull:$12,500.00 (picture available)
40-44 inch Nubian Ibex: P.O.R (picture available)
Dama Gazelle: $5,000.00
Red Stag Bull All Sizes: P.O.R
Giant Dybowski Sika: P.O.R
West Texas Free Range Aoudad: $4,750.00
Himalayan Tahr: $4,750.00
Eland Bull: $5,500.00
Addax Bull: $5,000.00 (Big Bulls Available)
Giant Watusi Bulls: $4,500.00
Gemsbok Bulls: $5,750.00
Black Wildebeest: $8,500.00
Giant Yak Bull: $6,500.00
Markhor: P.O.R
Sambar: P.O.R
Rusa: $6,500.00
Trans Caspian Urial: Starting at $9,000 and up
Afghan Urial: $5,000
Red Lechwe:$5,000
Nile Lechwe: $8,000 and up
Grants Gazelle: $6,500
40 Inch Coriscan Rams (All Colors):$3,500.00
Giant Cape Buffalo: P.O.R (47-52 inches, not been measured) serious inquires only
Elk Bull: starting at $3,500 and up

(Pictures are available)

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