South Texas Lease now Available!

300 +/- Acres Located in Zavala County.
Leasing family ranch for the 2019-2020 season....Looking for a pair of management minded, responsible hunters looking to build a long-term relationship.

Lease duration is as follows:

2 weeks ( 14 days ) in November- Hunters choice of dates
2 weeks in December-Hunters Choice of dates
1 week ( 7 days) in January- Hunters choice of dates
2 weeks in Spring-Hunters choice

Ranch has a nice, clean 4 bdrm,2 bath house with large screened in porch overlooking a 60 acre ( when full) lake filled with bass, catfish and perch that hunters will have access too, plus the 40x60 barn and walk-in cooler.

Fishing for Bass is Catch and Release. Dove, Quail and Turkey hunting is allowed ( Hunters must follow TPWD limits). Unlimited Hogs and Predators

4 WT Doe
4 WT Bucks
4 Axis Doe
2 Axis Bucks

NOTE: There are some tagged deer in the pasture that were brought in several years ago....these deer are to boost the native genetics and are off limits.
Looking for 2 hunters to fill these spots....Family is encouraged and they will hunt off the above allotment.

$7,000/Gun or $14,000 Total.

Hunters will need to provide their own vehicles and Corn, Blinds and Feeders are in place.

Pics available on Request.

Call 210-421-8181 OR 210-844-2348

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