5,200 acre lease 1 1/2 hours from the metroplex, College Station, 2 hrs from Austin. Located in Mexia, Tx. Part of a 40,000 acre ranch. MLD for the last 5 years. 165 inch whitetail have been killed off of this. 8 trophy tags, excellent deer, dove, duck, predator, fishing and hog hunting. 3 bed 2 bath house that is rustic but livable. Ranch is willing to reimburse up to 10,000 dollars for remodel work on the home. Ranch plants close to 1000 acres of oats you can use for food plots. 8 members. 5,400 per member. All photos taken on this 5200 acre pasture for lease either of harvest or last year's helicopter survey. Please call or text I do not get on here much to reply 8173013931

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