I am a guide who also owns a 1100 acre high fenced ranch in eastern Sutton County. I need to remove a number of management bucks and does. The management bucks typically are 7 -10 points and at least 4 yrs old. We may have one or two trophies depending on how they finish out. Last year we fed 50,000 lbs of cottonseed and 33,000 lbs of protein. We also have a solid number of Axis (trophies and management) that would be available for harvest. The Axis are extremely wild and it is hit or miss with these animals. We are a level III ranch and I would like to get the animals off prior to the rut. Our heaviest management buck weighed 184 lbs live weight last year. We also have hogs available.(if they cooperate)

Our lodge has a main center room consisting of kitchen, dining, den satellite TV/internet and utility room. We have two private bedrooms/private baths for hunting guests. We have a deck with rockers that wraps the whole facility. If you decide to hunt with me we will utilize the whole ranch. This is a low key outing no pressure. We also have catch and release fishing for a midday activity if desired.

Liability release signatures required upon entry to ranch.
Our hunts will be from enclosed blinds over feeders and or road corn.
Guide or landowner will guide the hunter to ensure that quality management bucks are shot.
Walk in cooler and ice machine on site.
Skinning rack.
Blood drawn will be considered a kill. We will do everything possible to find your animal.
Tentatively plan for this to be an October hunt.
Hunt Friday afternoon through Sunday evening or as needed.
Please send a PM and I am happy to discuss further and/or share pictures if desired..
Hunt costs are below. As you review and check other sites you will find it is fairly priced.

2019 ABC Ranch Hunt Price List

Whitetail Deer
Trophy TBD?
Management $2450 per buck
Does 1 included in hunt. Additional does $250 each
Trophy $2950
Velvet $3500
Management $1500
Does $500
One included with a deer hunt
Second hog $150

hunt fee required to hold dates. Balance due 30 days prior to hunt.
As I mentioned above I am happy to discuss individual needs.