I've been wanting to go Bowfishing for the past few years and I finally did it Saturday Night with WG Outdoors and a couple of my buddies. Let me tell you IT IS HARDER THAN IT LOOKS!!! I probably hit 5% of the fish I was shooting at lol. Definitely some of the most frustrating fun I've ever had, finally started figuring it out in the second half of the trip. You can't aim at the fish you have to aim at varying distances below the fish to account for water refraction at the fish's depth. I will definitely be going back soon. If anyone wants to go fishing in the DFW area hit up WG Outdoors on Facebook and tell them that Ryan Jackson sent ya. You will not be disappointed those boys can put you on some fish and keep it fun while you are pulling your hair out trying to figure out how to hit em. Go get on some carp and gar you won't regret it! [Linked Image]

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