We are currently on an awesome deer lease near Breckenridge and I would like to see what other places might be available in the area. We have had some ongoing drama on our place and I'm just seeing what else might be available. I have at least 4 hunters (myself, plus 3) interested. We are family oriented with each of us bringing our son's (14 years old) to hunt with us. We are not a party crowd, but will certainly have a beer or three. I have not shot a buck in many years, and I prefer to let young bucks walk. I shoot a few does every season for the meat. I always shoot pigs and coyotes, and hunt suppressed. Please PM me if you have anything available. I am looking for 1-4 spots and year round access to hunt pigs in the off season also. We have a group of hunters who have been together for many years now and would like to keep that going.

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