I need a little bit of help from one of you that have a Nikon Fieldscope. The older green and black version spotting scope. My man cave/shop burned down along with all of my hunting and fishing gear. Buried inside a duffel bag, inside it's case was my spotting scope...one of the few items I was able to salvage from the debris. The outside is very blackened with paint missing and rubber melted in a few places. The front lens is coated black but everything still turns. I am hoping they can clean and repair it. Nikon says their sport optics are covered under a no fault warranty.

My problem; I need the serial number of the scope to put on their authorization form before I can send it in. I can not see the serial number. If one of you folks with a Nikon Fieldscope could look at yours and tell me where the serial number is located, I hope I can find it on mine. I am guessing it is under some melted rubber or bubbled paint, but don't want to damage that area scraping away a portion of the number. Please look at yours and tell me where I should look.