Iím not a hog hunter (although Iíd like to get into it at some point). Saw this article going around twitter and it made me think to ask questions about this topic that Iíve thought about off and on.


State Rep. Jered Taylor (R-Nixa) has proposed legislation allowing for feral hogs to be killed, processed, and sold as bacon, ribs, and roast.

We have two prominent stickies at the top of this forum: one is about approved feral swine buying stations and one is about bacterial diseases found in feral hogs.

Thoughts? Opinions? Are some feral hogs better than others? Sorry for the beginner questions, but Iím genuinely interested. What is there to look for? I donít have a problem with people who let them lay, or donít eat them, but Iím curious about the thoughts about the topic from those who do eat them. Is there increased concerns buying and selling feral hogs meat as opposed to domestic hog meat?

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I just turned it on . I was looking bird dogs in the butt this morning.

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