A buddy of mine has a ranch in Poteet, Tx and he is going to start running some turkey hunts this year. Last year he let a few people come and hunt, but this year he is gone open it up to a couple more. The property is a little over 600 acres. He is currently seeing two big flocks of birds (Over 100 in one and 60-80) in other. Has a creek/river that runs through the property. Good thing about this property is the fact the adjoining landowners do not turkey hunt. They also do not run feeders year round like my buddy does. So he pulls a ton of birds off their property during turkey season. Not to mention, they use the creek/river as a main travel corridor. There is no lodging available for this hunt. Price is $300 per bird and a $100 per day hunt fee. However, hunt fee goes towars birds killed. To kill 2 birds its 600. If you hunt 3 days and only kill 2 it would be 700. He is only taking a select number of gobblers off of this place this year. I know he is booked up opening weekend, but not sure what other dates are available. If you are interested shoot me a PM with your number and I will have him give you a shout. I hunt 1.5 days here last year and killed three birds. I should have killed my limit but a coyote had other plans. Last year was the first time this property was turkey hunted by more than the landowner. Tons of birds and more importantly quality birds. One of my birds had 1 9/16 spurs and another guy killed one with 1 11/16 spurs.