Hey y'all. I went for a walk through the LBJ grasslands this weekend looking for small game and had a great time. As I was out walking I felt a little guilty I hadn't brought my dog with me. With that being said, I've developed a few questions regarding small game hunting with dogs. First of all, what's the best method to determine if your dog has the desire or aptitude for working squirrels, rabbits, etc? Anything in particular you guys do? I've got a 5 year old pup, shes about half catahoula and the other half is split between plott hound and black mouth cur. I think shed be a good candidate but at a loss of how to start. My other question currently is related more to the actual hunting aspect. I saw a bunch of "dogs must be on leash signs" but also saw a few WMA websites saying it was ok to hunt rabbits with dogs. Are you just exempt if hunting and your dog is off leash?