Hard Knocks Outdoors is now booking Arkansas conservation snow goose hunts for 2019 Feb-March. Our spreads contain 35 dozen full bodies with 40 dozen socks with 2 arm rotatory machines. We will either be hunting from a pit blind or in 45 degree layout ( Ghost blinds) blinds under the socks. we have access to 65,000 acres so we are always in the birds day to day. Although this isn't a guaranteed hunt to kill abundance of geese we will do everything in our power to put you guys in a highly concentrate of geese each and every day we hunt. We are located in Northeast Arkansas near Jonesboro we have lodging as well within 20 mins of the field. Feel free to call me 214-316-9701 with any questions you may have.

Day hunts

Week day hunts $175.00 per person per day (Monday-thursday)
Weekend hunts $200.00 per person per day (Friday-Sunday)

Private fields up to 8 hunters

Weekdays (Monday-Thursday)
Private fields weekday hunt $1280.00 per group/per day Plus *lodging
Private Fields weekday hunt $1800.00 per group/per day Plus * Lodging and meals

Weekends (Friday-Sunday)
Private fields weekend hunts $1400.00 per group/per day * Lodging
Private fields Weekend hunts $2000.00 per group/Per day * Lodging and meals

Yeti Coolers
Sitka Gear
Covert Camera's