Looking for an Axis hunt in next couple months. I am looking for opportunity for a wide 35-36" plus buck. Lodging is a necessity !...meals can be optional, but definitely have to have very clean accommodations I have wife and 2 young teens,11&12, traveling with me. They are not hunting...but adding on something for them is not out of the question should they get an itch for a trophy they would like to have.They all hunt and have taken lots of trophies.....this hunt is mainly for me. I prefer hill country area. I do not use tobacco or drink. I do not want to be around anyone who smokes or drinks....if you have a cocktail, drink or glass of wine that's fine. Just not the power drinkers. I pray and we even bless the meals before hand, if this is offensive to anyone then we may not be a fit for you. Just want to be up front with as many details as possible so that you know if you want to make a repeat client. Midday activity of some type to entertain my wife and kids would be great. I want to get the most of my time spent making great memories with my family at the same time....I'm spending time and money and don't want to just be idle watching the clock between hunts. This is a value I place on part of the service and am wanting to be a repeat client for many years to come. I am hoping this doesn't sound to demanding.
Thank you! and you may PM me if you like.

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