After 7 years of rebuilding an mld property, my group is ready to pull the plug. Long story short, the quality and quantity is not where it should be due to uncontrollable factors, so after countless hours and dollars invested, we’re going to cut our losses and begin the search.

What we’re looking for...
Acerage willl vary depending on density, but I’ll throw out 800-2500 acres. House preferred but not a deal breaker. Water and electricity preferred. Price is flexible. We pay good money now and invest a lot in addition to the lease fee as you’ll see below. Location is flexible but would prefer north of or close to I10, south of I20, west of I35. I know that’s broad. We like the Goalthwaite area over to eden, down to Kerrville. Mason, llano, Brady triangle would be ideal. Kids must be allowed.

About us..
8 +\- adult men, ranging from late 30’s to mid 80’s. +\- because the older gentleman may or may not make the move, and we can add one or two if needed.

Hard working- land improvement is top of mind. Always looking for the next project wether that’s clearing cedar, repairing fences and gates, clearing roads, or putting in culverts. Our current camp house has been improved with new lighting, water heater, ceiling fans, blinds, other appliances, minor plumbing..We have acces to some machinery and a lot of elbow grease.

Management minded- you hear this all the time.. our strategy was to take on a property that had been totally neglected, reestablish a huntable population, improve the habitat, provide year round supplemental feeding, and be very selective in what we harvest.
As mentioned, we’ve been in mld the entire time, but our harvest numbers have always been lower than the recommended due to numbers. We can discuss this further.

This is a drama free group you can trust that’s searching for that long term relationship. We all bring something unique to the table and gel real well. If you know of something or have something that may fit this group, please message me.