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Private Water Hunting has open memberships for duck hunting groups in search of private lake hunting opportunities. As of now we have 6 open memberships, and cap our membership at an average of approx 4 members per each leased lake. Currently we have 10 lakes on our roster that are available to all PWH members by online reservation.

Q. How does membership work?
A. You pay an annual fee each year. This fee gives you access to duck hunt on all PWF duck hunting properties.

Q. How much does it cost?
A. Individual memberships are $1450 each year. There is a one time initiation fee of $300. As long as you don't let your membership lapse you do not have to pay the initiation fee again. You may bring guests, and they pay $75.00 per hunt.

Q. How many members will you be accepting?
A. An average of approx 4 members per each leased lake.

Members pay a one-time initiation fee & annual membership fee. This membership includes:

o Access to all hunting club properties & lakes
o Access to hunting reservation system
o Hunting web-site password
o Additional club privileges

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Your membership allows for you to hunt with one dependent child 21 years and younger at no charge. Guests or additional children (regardless of age) pay an additional amount per hunt. You may bring the same guest up to 3 times each season. After 3 guest trips, your guest may join PWF as long as there is availability to do so.

Any parties interested, please contact our office at (214) 871 - 0044 or Cole, David, or Steve will be more than happy to help you, or answer any questions.

Thank you,

Cole PWF

Cole Porter
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