I am the landowner and am interested in selling a few management hunts this fall/winter to offset our feed bill. We've fed 50K lbs of cottonseed and 40K lbs of protein plus corn and minerals so far this year.
>1100 acres HF
>Extensive management plan in progress for the past 6 years
>No cows, goats, sheep only wildlife
>Lodge (Main House)- two private bedrooms/bathrooms for guests
>Satellite TV and internet
>Wrap around porch with rockers
>Walk in cooler
>Ranch located in eastern Sutton County
>Unbelievable turkey numbers for the spring season
>This a MLD level III ranch


As I said earlier this is not a commercial operation, this is our family ranch. I will guide along with a close friend that knows our animals. This is a management hunt for Whitetail buck and Axis buck. Even though high fenced these animals are just as wild as a low fence place. The Axis will be hard to find.

The Deal- $2250
>One Whitetail or Axis buck (Owner or guide approves target animal)
>Whitetail bucks from ten points down to certain spikes (Our biologist makes our harvest decisions)
>Two does either species
>One hog included if it shows and wanted
>Extra does $400 each
>Extra hogs $100 each (yes they eat the feed too!)
>Hunt - 21/2 days as needed

This would be a great father/child or two friends hunt. This is not a guaranteed hunt as these animals are not tied to a tree. What I would tell you is you will see lots of game on a set. You will enjoy your time on the ranch. Lodging, food, game quartering. We do have a big ice machine also. If you like fishing we have two lakes with native and Florida's stocked for mid day down time if your not napping. Alcohol only after the days hunting is done (please bring your special beverage)

Please no calibers less that .243. Our heaviest live weight buck weighed in at 194 lbs. This was a native deer.
>Liability release required upon ranch entry

>Please PM me if your seriously interested so we don't clog the forum. I have plenty of pictures, way to many to try and post up here.


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