I have 135 hi-fenced acres in Edwards County for lease by 2 hunters. $2500 per gun. Hunter may take 1 trophy whitetail, 2 axis does and 2 wild turkey(turkeys are hit or miss, in some years they roost on our place). We have bucks in the 120-150 B&C.

I am looking for a long term situation with responsible hunters who will maintain 3 protein-corn mixture feeders. We feed every day a mixture of corn, protein and alfalfa hay by pickup throughout the ranch. There are 3 watering spots on the lease. There are 3 stands already in place.

I have a spot for a camper that has electricity and water. Your septic needs to be retained and taken off the property. You can run a hose for gray water discharge like showers or dish washing.

If you draw blood on an animal, that counts as your animal for that season. Responsible hunters sight in their rifle. This requires trust on the part of the hunter and owner and this is why I want 2 trustworthy, responsible hunters.There is a guide near our ranch that has a trail dog if you need to employ them to find a wounded animal. I don't plan on retaining hunters who can not be trusted just as you would not want to hunt on a place where you cannot trust the owner.

pm me if you are interested and we will set up a time for you to look at the place.