I have 4 spots available for opening day of dove season only. This is a 30 acre field and there will only be 8 people including me hunting on opening day. Everybody will have an excellent spot. My field is at the edge of the only wooded area in the middle of thousands of acres of corn and milo crops.

We shoot almost 100% white wings, with the occasional mourning dove that gets lost and flies across the field.
I am located 12 miles south of Hillsboro. I am exactly 1 hour from downtown Ft. Worth and 70 minutes south of downtown Dallas.

Price is $125/person. You could travel to south Texas and not see as many white wings as you will see at my place.

No ATV's (You don't need them here). You are welcome to bring your dog if it is well behaved and trained to stay close to you.

Call or Text me. (817) 929-7636 Charles

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