1. Lyman Case Prep Center -- worked awesome for primer uniforming, chamfer and deburring
2. Lapua Brass-- easiest to work with, most consistent, can definitely tell by positive "feel" when working with it.
3. PPU Brass-- Picked up 55 pieces of this off the range the other day-- all .308, so it is 1x fired factory brass. It has already been annealed from the factory-- very good feel and consistent to work with and when I check the weights on 15 of the pieces it was under 2gr difference total.

1. Hornady Factory Brass .308-- Also picked up off the range, it all had very, very tight primer pockets, wasn't as 'easy' to work with, large difference in weights in .308. I used the 'primer pocket reamer' on the case prep center to even out the pocket.