Walmart and Cabela's/BassPro have been offering a special version of the Weatherby Vangaurd Series II called the Deluxe Sporter. The rifle carries the same high-gloss stock and deep polished bluing as Weatherby's Deluxe version of the Series II that retails just over $1100. Both rifles carry the same sub-MOA accuracy guarantee. I picked up a Deluxe Sporter (.270) at my local Walmart a couple years ago for $657 and have been extremely pleased with it. In fact, it has outperformed (in terms of accurary) every Remington, Winchester, and Browning rifle that I own.

The only differences I've discovered between the Deluxe Sporter and Weatherby's Deluxe model is a cap on the stock heel, and a thin insert between the stock and rosewood end piece on the forearm.

Perhaps because Weatherby may be discontinuing production of the Deluxe Sporter, my local Walmart has the three they have in stock marked down to $499. IMO, you won't find a better looking and more accurate rifle at that price.

Here's link to a past deal alert on the Deluxe Sporter. Again, Walmart appears to be offering them at a close out price.

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