Styrka Renews Its National Sponsorship with Whitetails Unlimited

Styrka is proud to announce it has renewed its sponsorship of one of the country's top conservation groups, Whitetails Unlimited. Styrka will continue to support Whitetails Unlimited at the same National Sponsor Level as it has in the past.

"We're not only committed to providing hunters with top-quality optics," said Brad Gross, Styrka's national sales manager. "We are equally determined to support conservation groups like Whitetails Unlimited, which fight to conserve our wildlife resources and to keep America's hunting heritage alive and well."

Founded in 1982, Whitetails Unlimited ( is among the nation's top conservation groups. Whitetails Unlimited and its 107,000 members are dedicated to raising funds to support three core missions:

(1) Offering conservation and hunting educational programs
(2) Ensuing the enhancement and acquisition of wildlife habitat
(3) Preserving our hunting tradition and the shooting sports for future generations

"Many people don't realize the impact Whitetails Unlimited has had on deer conservation and the promotion of hunting," Gross added. "Whitetails Unlimited has spent over $85.7 million on projects supporting its core missions, including deer and other species research, wildlife agency assistance, and anti-poaching measures, along with numerous other initiatives. We're very honored to help this important organization improve America's deer hunting and to keep our hunting traditions strong."