Headed to the range after a long absence from shooting, tested my loads I made for the 6.5 Creedmoor and 6.5 x 284, they shot flawlessly at 300 yards in 15 to 18 mph crosswind , some mirage ( 90 degrees ) and groups are half an inch tall and an inch wide in several 5 shot groups, so satisfied and took out the .308 with 185 Jugs in which I am working with to find a load. Used the Oehler P35 to check speeds in the 26 inch barrel, the MR-2000 pushes those 185 pills damn fast. Worked up 3 shot group loads round robin at 200 yards from 46.0 to 47.5 grains. The 46 grain load shot one ragged hole vertically, while the 46.6 and 46.9 shot around .7 to 1 MOA but on the same plane. The speeds are higher than average than what it shows on the Nosler Reloading website. The average load speeds are as follows:

46.0 - 2732 fps
46.3 - 2747 fps
46.6 - 2759 fps
46.9 - 2774 fps
47.2 - 2795 fps
47.5 - 2,825 fps

Nosler website shows 46.5 grains as max, and I had no pressure signs and groups got worse past 46.9 grains and it looks like I'll redo again from 45 grains to 46.9 grains, and see what pops up. Maybe there is a node in the mid 45 to 46 grain area.

The max speed of 2,825 fps are similar to 30 06 speeds, that MR2000 is moving, but ES is not what I liked. If these loads will not work, I'll try Varget since it works very well for me with other loads in the .308

Any of you guys know what the speed is for that accuracy node with the 185's?

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