We have season leases available. You may lease out one spot as an individual or entire field as a group. No more war zones on opening morning, all of our fields are private and strictly managed to prevent over hunting. Limited amount of hunters will be allowed on each lease no more than 1 hunter for every 10 acres will be allowed and absolutely NO day hunting or guiding on these properties. Lease holders are the only individuals that will have the hunting rights for dove season. During the spring we come in and broadcast a dove mix of sunflowers, millet, and milo around the perimeter of the fields to provide additional seed producing plants for migrating dove to use in addition to the grain left in the fields after harvest. Below is a list of all the fields, some spots have already been filled, please call, text or PM with any questions or inquiries.

ITALY 441 Italy, TX
Creek bottoms and plentiful water tend to make the best dove hunting during dry Texas summers. Well we have over 400 acres of creek bottoms with two natural wetlands huge shade trees and numerous ponds. The property is made of a majority of corn row crops and Bermuda pasture with good tree and fence lines and gravel road running the length of the property. Native sunflowers throughout the property. Right off of FM 667 in Italy, Tx just a 45 minute drive from Downtown Dallas.

ITALY 133 Italy, TX
Private secluded field cut out of large hardwoods and creek bottom. This corn field would be ideal for small group of friends that wants to get out of the city and enjoy nature while hunting. Property is bordered on three sides with hardwoods adjoined by several thousand acres of cultivated fields. Native sunflowers throughout the property and along tree lines. Good size pond offers great water source for dove.
15 hunter max.

ITALY 80 Italy, TX
This field has been known to produce well in the past. Running along the Mill Creek Bottoms in Italy, Tx this 80 acre field will make a great little lease for anyone. This field was cut into the middle of a hardwood bottom, planted in corn with sunflowers surrounding the perimeter.
10 hunter max.

ITALY 275_____________________________________________________ Sold Out Pending Payment
This field makes for some great hunts. This property has 3 nice ponds spread out throughout the party allowing you to keep the birds moving. With mesquite patches and hardwoods lining the property provide great roosts for birds coming in the evening for water and roosting. This 250 acre property is made up of half Corn field and half native pastureland, few native sunflowers around the fields. Located right off Hwy 22 in Frost, Tx gives you easy access from I-35E or I-45.
15 hunter max.
ITALY 87 Sold Out Pending Payment

If you like to get out of the city, fish, hunt, and BBQ with friends and family this is the property for you. Dove lease on with 100 acres of corn field and beautiful 20 acre lake for fishing. Lake is fed with a creek and provides great tree line for dove hunts as well as good shade trees around the lake make it ideal for afternoon cookouts under the giant hardwoods scattered throughout the pasture. Lease will begin when you sign up giving you access to fish the lake, and hunt this dove season. Right outside of Italy, TX off I-35 this property can be your escape from your busy day to day.
10 hunter max

Wax 45________________________________________________________________Waxahachie, TX

This property was recently added this year. This field is located right off Hwy 66 in Waxahachie, less than a mile off I-35. The lease consists of two field separated by a creek and woodline. Fields are planted in corn with sunflower around the exterior. This will be a great lease for a small group of friends.
5 hunters max

Wax 93____________________________________________________ Sold Out Pending Payment
Conveniently located close to town this field is at the intersection of Hwy 287 and I-35E in Waxahachie. This is known for being a great place for dove being so close to town. Planted in Corn with sunflowers around the perimeter. Gravel road run length of property with good tree lines.
Max of 10 guns
Wax 90 _____________ Ovilla, TX
Located in Ovilla, Tx a short drive off I-35 this lease makes it an easy drive from Dallas or anywhere in Ellis County. With it’s close proximity to town, it always has birds coming to feed. Planted in corn with black oil sunflowers around the perimeter. This 100 acre field has a good tree line with Cedar patches and creek running through it.
Max of 10 hunters.

Wax 207 Waxahachie, TX
Wax 205 is a beautiful secluded field completely wrapped in hard tree line. Will be planted in corn on back side and soy beans by the road this year, with the outer perimeter planted in sunflowers. Water on neighboring property and creek runs on the West side of the property. Just a couple of miles of I-35 in Maypearl, TX 207 acre field is just a short drive from anywhere in Ellis County and less than 30 miles south of Dallas.
Max of 20 Hunters

Wax 132_________________________________________________________________Waxahachie, TX
This is a new property for us this year. Close to town, good tree lines all the way around and a nice size pond for watering dove in September. This 132 acre field is split with a tree line and water way. It will be planted in soy beans this year and we broadcast a sunflower and milo mix around the perimeter.
Max of 15 hunters.

Wax 110 Waxahachie, TX
Located in the middle of a major dove fly way in Ellis County we have a 110 Wheat field. Sunflowers were planted around the perimeter of the field. With one small pond on property, large tree fence line, and a large lake on adjoining property this should be a prime stopping point for migrating dove. Field has a lot of small rocks and grit in soil another great attractant for dove. Field is located just outside of Waxahachie, TX off I-35.
Max of 10 hunters

Milford 333 Milford, TX
333 acres of Soy Bean Field is located right of I-35 in Milford, TX only about 45 miles south of Dallas. Tree line surrounds the two fields that make up this lease with another tree line splitting one field with a seasonal creek running through it. Lots of native sunflower and perimeter will be broadcast with a sunflower/milo mix.
30 hunters max

Forest 176 Forreston, TX
This property was one of our better producing fields last year. Just south of Waxahachie in Forreston, TX this 176 acre wheat field is ready to go. Sunflowers planted along the grass waterways and hard woods that border the east side of the property and large soil conservation lake is located directly across the street. Power line run through the middle of the property making a prime roosting spot for dove.
15 hunters max.
Forest 100 Forreston, TX
When you hunt with us you can be assured that all the fields will not be overcrowded. TAM110 is 100 acres with a mile long tree line on the East side of property. Front half of fields is planted in wheat and the back half is planted in corn, with a milo/sunflower mix broadcast around the exterior. Turn rows and patches of tree a scattered throughout the remainder of the property. Located about a mile off I-35E in Forreston, TX.
10 hunters max.

Forest 325 Forreston, TX
Wax 325 is 300 acres of corn but hunts like 600 acres. This property is divide into 4-5 different fields separated by wooded draws, tree lines, and turn rows. There are many native sunflowers throughout the property, and a large lake on the adjacent property. This would be an ideal lease for a large corporate group and entertaining customers located right of I-35E about 40 miles South of Downtown Dallas in Forreston, TX.
30 hunters max.

Forest 60______________________________________________________________________Italy, TX
Great small little lease for a family or father son. Right of I-35 in Italy, TX with hardwoods and numerous adjoining cultivated fields. Field is 55 acres of planted corn with sunflowers around the perimeter.
Max of 5 hunters.

LAN 16__________________________________________________________________Lancaster, TX
This small field is perfect for a family with small kids or a tight nit group of friends. This field is completely surrounded by trees right of I35 just south of Dallas. There is a large pond on the adjoining property and field is planted in corn this year with a milo and sunflower mix broadcast around exterior of the field.

LAN 20 ________ Lancaster, TX
This property is conveniently located close to I-35 in Lancaster, Tx. This 20 acre private corn field is surrounded by tree line with many native sunflowers, millets, and grasses coming up around the field as well. Corn will be harvested before the season, leaving cracked seed in the field for dove. Located just outside of town will make for an easy get away for a quick hunt.

LAN 70___________________________________________________________________Lancaster, TX
This field has been one of our high producing fields in the past couple of years. This property is made up of three adjoining fields with power lines running through the center and a pond. This year the field is planted in corn and will have a sunflower planted around exterior of field. It is located just across from a nature park which is used as a roost for birds throughout the year.
Max of 10 hunters

Lan 128__________________________________________________________________Lancaster, Tx

LAN 203 Lancaster, TX
This property is conveniently located close to I-35 in Lancaster, Tx. This 170 acre corn field surrounded by tree line with water adjacent to the field. Corn will be harvested prior to opening day, leaving cracked seed on the ground for dove. Many native sunflowers and grasses coming up in the field as well. Easy location just minutes from Dallas makes it easy to come out for a hunt.
Max 20 hunters.

LAN161 Lancaster, Tx
This property is conveniently located close to I-35 in Lancaster, Tx. This giant 160 acre corn field is in bottoms surrounded by hardwoods with a creek bordering the property. Corn will be harvested prior to the season. Power lines run throughout the property, as well as many native sunflowers and grasses spread about.
Max 15 hunters.

VEN 171 Sold Pending Payment
Located right off Hwy 67 between Venus and Alvarado makes easy access from anywhere in DFW. VEN101 is 200 acres of wheat field located in the middle of a great dove flyway. Property has hardwood tree line and mesquite patch divided by a railroad and a pond.
max of 20 hunters

VEN 88 ________ Venus, TX
Located right off Hwy 67 between Venus and Alvarado makes easy access from anywhere in DFW. VEN 88 is just under 100 acres of wheat field with high line, mesquites, and a pond at the back of the property.
max of 10 hunters

VEN 145 Venus, TX
Just south of Hwy 67 about 5 miles off I-35W in Venus, TX. 145 acres of rolling wheat surrounding on three side by big hardwoods. This is a great area for nesting dove with plenty of food to attract birds from all over. Field perimeter will planted with sunflowers after wheat if harvest pending weather conditions.
max 15 hunters

VEN 190_________________________________________________________________Venus, TX
This field has been a great producer over the years. It is located on FM 157 just south of Mansfield, TX. The property consists of half pasture with three ponds and a creek and the other half cultivated wheat field. The perimeter of the wheat field will broadcast with a sunflower/milo mix. Ideal lease for company or clients to go to being so close to town.
Max 20 hunters

VEN 174____________________________________________________ Sold Out Pending Payment This lease has it all when your looking for dove. This corn field has easy access with a nice lease road running the length of the property. Bordered on the northside with hardwoods and creek line mixed in with mesquite pasture and gravel pit/ponds. The exterior of field has been broadcast with a millet/sunflower mix.
Max 15 hunters

VEN 470__________________________________________________________________Venus, TX

Another great dove lease. This giant lease will allow you to get out and chase the scout and chase the birds. With 6 cultivated fields and three access points, water, tree lines, water ways, creeks, gravel roads through out you shouldn’t have any issue getting on dove here. Fields are planted in corn with sunflower/millet mix planted on exterior as well as water ways load up with native sunflowers annually.


Alvarado 375 _____________________________________________________________Alvarado, TX

This lease is located just west of Alvarado lake. Large corn field with sunflower broadcast on the perimeter and adjoining pasture with two ponds and large oak trees for roosting birds. Lease holds a good number of resident birds and catches good numbers of migratory dove later in the season. One of the ponds is stocked for fishing when not hunting catch and release only.


LOR 408 Lorena, TX
This is a beautiful piece of property. Over 400 acres of rolling hills, creek, pond, and large oak trees. 350 acres of this field is planted in wheat and corn the remaining 50 acres is made up of native grass lands, creek bottoms and seed bearing plants. Property is outlined with large oak trees with a creek and pond dividing property in half. Tons of room on this property to roam. Conveniently located just outside of Waco, TX as short drive from Austin.

LOR 100 Hewitt, TX
If you are looking for a private lease for an exclusive group or just want to get on a good dove lease here is your property. This 100 acre field made up of two adjoining properties has everything a dove hunter is looking for. Tree line bordering both fields, a pond and gravel pit on adjoining property. Located just outside of the city of Hewitt in a major dove fly way, white wings are harvested regularly.
Max of 10 hunters.

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