We shoot a hog hunting episode every season for CARNIVORE since hog hunting has become so popular. While most hogs are killed by sitting on bait or fields where hogs are feeding, that doesn't necessarily make good video. Hunting hogs with dogs and catching them can be pretty exciting and this past weekend, we had plenty of action. We caught eight hogs Saturday morning, two really nice boars with big teeth and the balance were sows or younger hogs.
A buddy wanted us to hunt on a ranch east of town along the river where he had been seeing a really big light colored hog. We thought that we would try to catch this big hog to finish out the show and if we didn't, we still had plenty of footage for a show.
Long story short, we bayed the light colored up in five minutes and went on to catch two more that may have outweighed him. One of my buddies stepped on a rattlesnake wearing low quarter shoes while we were watching a bayed hog. Another buddy dodged a huge bullet when the second hog hit him on the inside of the calf when he was trying to catch the hog. The hog hit him with his left teeth which were luckily blunted, had he hit him with his right side, we would still be stitching.