Is there anyone here on these forums that is familiar with these old Remington rifles built on the Browning patent? They are takedown rifles where the barrel separates from the receiver. My dad picked one up at a swap meet and when he got it home we found that it was missing a few parts. It is missing the extractor, extractor spring, extractor spring plunger, extractor detent and extractor detent spring. He has a model 24 that is a 22 long rifle, we swapped these parts into the 22 short to see if the "new style" extractor and plunger would work in this rifle. It did everything except actually fire. We could see a very light primer strike on the rim of the shell. The primer looks fine when compared to the one in the other rifle. When i really started looking at thiings, the only diffference I could see is the little "ramp" on the breech face of the barrel of the 22 long rifle looks to be a little different than the one on the 22 short. If there is anyone familiar enough with these to know what I was talking about above, I can get some pictures to send over for you to take alook at what I am talking about. Or iff anyone knows someone who works on stuff like this I would appreciate the contact info.