This has been a super fun little gun. But, now I have other projects that need funding.
This is a Charles Daily PAK-9. I added an SB Tactical pistol brace with ak adapter adapter. Also a side folding unit I got in a trade somewhere. The folding unit works well, but it wobbles a bit when folded. I put a Mako AK grip and an Ergogrip handstop on it, so I would loose any fingers. This little guy is short. I have a chinese MRO on it that looks surprisingly like a real one. But it is not. I have the original Beretta 92 mag adaper and the Glock mag adapter. It will also come with the two 10 round Beretta style mags it came with, a 21 round Beretta style Promag mag, a 30 round Bretta brand mag, and a 31 round ETS clear smoke Glock style mag.
Please let me know of any questions
The whole package is sold pending funds. I have way more than this in everything.


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