If you are looking for a BIG Canadian moose, here's your chance!

We just had a corporate group of 4 that had to move their hunt to 2019, so these 4 spots just came open. These are the only 4 spots left.....

This Moose hunt is conducted in the northern part of B.C. just south of the Yukon border. You will hunt an area of over 3,000 square miles with over 20 lakes in the hunting concession. Hunts will either be by horseback, or by boat, hunting the lakes and rivers.

The Moose here are actually classified as Canadian moose, but the genetics are great and the moose are BIG!
Success last year was 100% with the AVERAGE size being 53" with several over 60". Not one hunter needed all of their hunting days in order to harvest.

This is a great hunt for the price. Considering that an Alaska-Yukon moose hunts right now can cost up to $30,000.00, this is a steal! Only 40 miles North of this hunting area is the dividing line between the Canadian moose and the Alaska-Yukon moose. 40 miles for a HUGE savings.

The area also boasts a very good/healthy herd of both Mt. Caribou and Mt. Goats. One, or both of these animals can be added onto your hunt if desired. Trophy fees would only apply if/when you harvest an additional animal. Success on the Caribou usually runs close to 100%......all depends upon what the hunter wants (size). Bulls usually run from 320-380" with a couple/few every year that are close to/over the 400" mark. On Mtn. Goats, one should expect about a 9" goat. These are not "book" goats, but a good representative size. Success on the goat hunts all depends upon the physical capabilities of the hunter.

Dates of the hunt are Sept. 13-23
You would arrive on the 12th and depart on the 24th

Fly in/out of Whitehorse,Yukon and overnight at a hotel. You will be picked up at the hotel and then drive 2 hours to Atlin, B.C. where one takes a charter flight to camp

Hunt cost: $15,500.00

Hunts includes:
2x1 guiding (1x1 avail. for add'tl. $1,000.00)
All in field transportation in with atv, boat or horseback
All meals and cabin accommodations.
Caping, skinning of animal

Not included:
Flights to/from Whitehorse
Scheduled Air charter from Atlin, B.C. to camp and back - $1,700.00
License - $75.00
Tags: Moose - $250.00, Mt. Goat - $350.00, Mt. Caribou - $230.00
Any taxidermy work done on animals
Crating/shipping of animals taken to hunter's home and/or taxidermist
Additional air charter out of camp if one wants to leave early. Cost will depend on how many are on the flight - split the cost.

Trophy fee for additional animals.
Caribou - $6,000
Mt. Goat - $5,000

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