I have an older AMSEC gun safe for trade. It is 60" tall, 30" wide, and 27" deep. I drilled the dial lock years ago and replaced it with a key pad lock. This is just a metal safe with no fire rating. Since it is laying in the bed of my truck at the moment I can deliver it in the Dallas area for no charge. Dropping it in your garage is no problem but getting it into your house is up to you.

I am pretty much just looking for guns in trade. Quality revolvers, a CZ bolt gun in .375 H&H, a Ruger GSS, A2 or A3 style 20" ARs, or factory built 16" ARs , Mossberg Shockwave in 12ga. If you have something I did not list send me a PM about it because I may be interested in it. I can add cash on my end to any trade.