Kahles K624i 6-24x56 CCW - SKMR3 - Right Windage Turret (Demo Unit)

We just got in an as new Kahles K624i 6-24x56 CCW - SKMR3 - Right Windage Turret (Demo Unit) for only $2599.99

Product Highlights

SKMR3 Illuminated Reticle, 1st FP
34mm Maintube/Right-Side Windage Dial
1/10 MRAD Impact Point Correction
11.25 MRAD Windage/25.5 MRAD Elevation
CCW Hardened Steel MultizerO Turrets
Aluminum with Scratch-Resistant Finish
Fully Multi-Coated Optical Elements
95% Transmission/Edge-to-Edge Clarity
Water & Fogproof/Impact Resistant
Made in Austria

The K624i is the perfect example of innovation and quality derived from 116 years’ experience building the world’s finest rifle scopes. Designed for applications where the purest optical clarity can mean the difference between a hit or miss; this optic sets new standards with incredible resolution, contrast, and 95% light transmission.
Ultra precision adjustments, constructed of hardened steel and machined to the most demanding tolerances, deliver a lifetime of wear resistance and 100% accuracy. The elevation adjustment has a second rotation indicator and the most refined zero stop and dial reset available. With 26 Mils of overall elevation adjustment in just two rotations and precise indexing, adjusting for extreme distances and back to zero is incredibly fast and accurate. Left or right handed shooters will find the unique and innovative parallax adjustment, located under the elevation turret, superior to all other designs. This means less time required to engage multiple targets as you won’t have to break your shooting position. These features combined with unmatched optical performance and advanced reticle options are just a few of the reasons why the top shooters in the industry are switching to the K624i.

Specifically engineered for long range precision and built without compromise, the K624i delivers the highest level of performance ever achieved.

The 1st focal plane SKMR3 illuminated reticle features three posts in the upper half of the field and a fully illuminated crosshair. The crosshair is defined by fine milling marks and a system of horizontal lines cascading down from the center point. The reticle gives accurate range, ballistic, and wind compensations at all magnifications and has an inclination-based Automaticlight illumination. This produces a bright red glow when the scope is canted below a 45° angle, instantly turns off the illumination when the scope is canted at an angle above 75°, and provides a two-minute waiting period before turning off the illumination when the inclination angle is between 45 and 75°.

This K624i telescopic sight is constructed of hardened steel and machined to deliver wear-resistant performance, high accuracy, and impeccable repeatability. The pinch-and-turn elevation turret has a second rotation indicator, refined zero stop, and also houses a parallax corrector ring. Optimized for right-handed users, the windage dial is situated on the right side. Its graduation scale offers precise indexing, enabling you to make fast and accurate adjustments across the entire range: from a zero to a maximum and back. The scope's waterproof (submersible), dustproof, and fogproof housing is crafted around its 34mm aluminum maintube and has a scratch-resistant anodizing finish.

Optical Performance
6 - 24x magnification
56mm objective delivers high visibility at high zoom and low light
AMV optical coatings provide sharp, brilliant, and high-detail images
Optical system offers 95% transmission and high edge-to-edge image clarity
20.4 - 5.1' at 100 yards linear field of view
Long 3.54" eye relief
2 to -3 diopter range

Use and Handling
1/10 MRAD impact point correction
25.5 MRAD elevation adjustment range
11.25 MRAD windage adjustment range

Construction Details
34mm single-piece maintube
High-quality aluminum housing
Scratch-resistant anodized finish
Proprietary design ensures ultimate reliability and repeatability
MultizerO elevation turrets let you zero rifles at up to 5 different distances
Precision turrets with steel mechanism to ensure accurate settings
Graduated pinch-and-turn elevation turret with a bright red button and a second rotation indicator
Windage turret is located on the right side for right-handed operation
Innovative parallax adjustment collar is at the base of the elevation turret
Dedicated illumination brightness control dial on the opposite side from the windage knob
Fast focus eyepiece with an integrated throw lever for fast zooming in any weather
Waterproof, dustproof, and fogproof
Impact resistant

SKMR3 Reticle
1st focal plane
Three medium posts in the upper half-field
Fine illuminated crosshair with a system of MRAD-based markings
A system of horizontal lines extending down from the center for ranging and compensation
Automaticlight: inclination-based true daytime illumination
Turns on illumination when the inclination angle is below 45°
Turns off illumination when the inclination angle is above 75°
Turns off illumination after 2 minutes when the inclination is between 45 and 75°

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