Available starting about mid March through early Summer. Weekends or weekdays.
Sonora Texas and nearby- multiple ranches to hunt.
Mike 915-328-0645

Addax Bull- 2 Day hunt with 1 nights Lodging $4500
Broken Horn Oryx- Day Hunt $1250 or 2 for $2300 (both horns broken)
Black Buck Day Hunts- Averaging 17 to 21 inches $1850 to $1950 (3 Ranches available, lots of black buck!)
Texas Dall Ram- Ram should be 34 to 36 inches (only 1 available your choice on which one) $1650 Day Hunt
Black Buck Does- $150 daily fee + $250 per doe. Daily fee covers lodging for up to 3 * Package of 4 does and 1 nights lodging for $1,000*
Axis Does- $150 daily fee covers up to 3ppl + $350 per doe. Fee covers lodging. *Or $1750 up to 5 does, 2 day hunt 2 nights lodging no daily fee*
Big Aoudad Rams- 30 to 35 inches maybe some larger. $3500 2 day hunt 2 nights lodging and meals. 36" or larger is +$1,000 (High Fence- 3 Available)
Aoudad Ewes- $150 daily fee + $250 per ewe or 4 for $1,000 and no daily fee. No lodging
Trophy Axis- 2 hunts available in July in Rocksprings $2500 each 2 days 2 nights lodging.

We have a ton of Oryx Culls, Black buck does, Axis does and Aoudad Ewes. Perfect off season hunt for anyone.
Also a ton of black buck with 3 of our ranches needing to harvest a few to get numbers in order.
Most hunts above are low fence.
Give me a call for more specifics on any of the above hunts.

Happy Hunting!

Specializing in Free Range hunts in far west Texas for Native & Exotic Game. Hunts for All budgets with Financing available.


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