I agreed to home a Belgian Malinois from a lady down the road. She is keeping her for her son and daughter in law because they cant handle it. She is spayed and just turned 1. She mentioned she went to some trainer for $800 and her son was using the ecollar to make her kennel. I have seen her around the neighborhood and seems to listen fairly well. My concern is her son ruined her with the ecollar. Of course I wont be hunting the dog but would like to train her with the ecollar. Any tips for this if she has been improperly trained with one. I liek to train my dogs to "come" to the beep on my tritronics and have a feeling he was using the beep as a pre-nick warning. I have a trained my last 3 GSPs for hunting (ecollar, steady to flush, and force fetched my last one) but never a non hunting dog. thanks in advance.