Got Two Yellow Boys For Sale

1) CIMARRON FIREARMS , Fredericksburg, Texas - BEAUTIFUL WOOD , MINT CONDITION , Less Than 500 Rounds Fired , NEVER Blackpowder , GORGEOUS WOOD. $1,100.00 or Best Offer

Cimarron 1866 Sporting Rifle .38 Special 24" Oct. Barrel 12-Round Capacity Brass Frame Standard Blue Finish Walnut Stock CA222 - Caliber: .38 Special - Barrel Length: 24 inches Oct. - Style: Sporting Rifle - Capacity: 12 Rounds - Frame: Brass - Finish: Standard Blue - Stock/Forearm: Walnut - Weight: 8.46 lbs

The 1866 Yellowboy lever-action rifle was a marked improvement over the Henry rifle. It was the first true cowboy lever-action rifle, and the first rifle widely carried in a cowboy-style saddle scabbard. The Yellowboy had a convenient new type of loading gate, devised by Winchester plant superintendent Nelson King. The gate passed cartridges through the side of the receiver. This improvement made the lever action more functional and allowed for the installation of a wooden fore-end. The handy carbine version of the 1866 Yellowboy was a hit worldwide. Chief Sitting Bull had one; the forces of Benito Juarez used the rifles in Mexico; and the Turkish Army used the new Winchester Yellowboy against the Russians.

2) NAVY ARMS , (UBERTI) , - 45 COLT , BEAUTIFUL WOOD , MINT CONDITION , Less Than 500 Rounds Fired , NEVER Blackpowder , GORGEOUS WOOD. $1,100 or Best Offer

This is the rifle that wound up playing a prominent role in the winning of the West. The Winchester 1866 was one of the most successful rifle designs to come about. Famously known as the "Yellowboy" because of its shiny brass frame, it was an improvement over the Henry Repeating Rifle, and was the first rifle widely carried in cowboy-style saddle scabbards. This modern day reproduction by Navy Arms, Uberti, is one of the finest available. It is a great choice for cowboy action shooting, mounted shooting competition or addition to any Old West aficionado's collection.

Specifications: - .45 Long Colt caliber - Lever action repeater - 20" blued OCTAGON barrel - 10 rounds capacity - Brass frame, barrel band and butt plate - Walnut stock and forearm - Weight: 7.56 lbs.



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