I have the following ammo lots for sale/trade. Prices listed are for cash. Will also trade for factory .44 Mag ammo:

1) 2 Boxes (40 rounds total) Hornady Critical Defense #85238 .410 Triple Defense loads. These are 2.5" shells with 1 .41 cal FTS slug and 2 .35 cal round balls each, 1 box (20 rounds) Federal Premium 410 Personal Defense Hand Gun 2.5" #4 shot and one box (20 rounds) of the same but 4 pellets 000 Buck, 1 box (10 rounds) Winchester PDX1 Defender 410 2.5 inch shells each round has 3 plated defense discs and 12 plated BBs. Lastly one box (25 rounds) of Remington Express Long Range 41.0 2.5" shells 7-1/2 shot. That is 90 rounds of personal defense ammo and 25 rounds of bid/rabbit/snake/bad dude shot. Price for this lot is $75.

The ammo is all SPF. Thanks, Earl

2) 1 Winchester Combo Box of PDX1 .410 Defender loads - 10 rounds same as above, 2.5" shells with 3 discs and 12 BBs each and 10 rounds of PDX1 45 Colt 225gr bonded jacketed hollow points, Another box of 20 Winchester PDX1 Defender 225 gr bonded jacketed hollow points, and 1 50 round box of Herters brass cased, boxer primed 45 Long Colt 250gr lead flat nose. So this lot has 30 rounds of Winchester Defender PDX1 .45 Colt, 50 rounds of 45 Colt 250gr Lead Flat Nose, and 10 rounds of .410 Winchester PDX1. Price is $75.

The ammo is all SPF. Thanks, Earl

3) 5 boxes (100rds) Hornady TAP 5.56 Nato 75gr TAP SBR - this is military/law enforcement ammo designed for use in SBR rifles or pistols with 11 inch or smaller barrels. These boxes are still sealed and unopened but were previously sold to a police department then traded back in to GT Distributors who resold them. Still factory new unopened ammo. Also 1 box (20 rounds) of Herters 55gr Hollow Point steel case and one box (20 rounds) of Herters 55gr soft points (brass cased) - 140rds total. $60

The ammo is all SPF. Thanks, Earl

I need to do a FTF on the ammo in the North Dallas area (I am in Plano). I do have it cross listed. First to say they take it (or offer a good trade deal on factory 240gr 44 mag) gets it. I can be reached via PM or email me at elbattey@verizon.net


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