Wanted – Annual Deer and Hog Hunting Lease starting 2018 or 2019
I am retired from the Navy and from Raytheon Company. In my retirement I would like access to recreational property that my wife and I can go to for hunting, fishing, camping, or just to relax. I would fully support any deer management policies your site has. I am a bow/rifle hunter. My wife does not hunt but loves the outdoors. I have two grown children that would be guests occasionally.
As far as lodging goes I do not require space in a lodge, if it is not available. In lieu of that I have my own RV and would like to have hook-ups instead. Either would be nice.
Since I live in Castle Rock, Colorado it would be hard for me to maintain protein and corn feeders outside of hunting season. I would need to make arrangements within the lease for that maintenance. I have no issues with fees for shared electrical, feed costs etc..
I would like to keep my annual lease costs below $5000.
Brian Hull
email: bctjhull@msn.com