My father gifted me a Rossi Model S20-22 Breech-loader for my first firearm when I was 9 years old. I took numerous trophies with it, including 5 gallon buckets, milk jugs, old oil cans, Dr. Pepper cans, ant name it, I destroyed it grin

Fast forward 19 years, and it's definitely showing wear. There are a few rust spots and pitting on the barrels, plenty of scratches, and some of the bluing has rubbed off. I plan to refinish the stock and fore end myself, but I need someone to reblue them for me. Is there anyone that you guys recommend?

I also have a 1968 EIG Model E15 Single Action .22LR Revolver that needs a new firing pin, possibly a few new springs, and needs to be reblued as well. Funny origin story on this one - my grandfather builds pools, and in the early 90's, one of his customers came to him with this gun, saying that he had recently had a son and didn't want little hands to get a hold of it, or even have it locked away. So my grandfather took it and set it inside of his work truck tool box, where it stayed for a good 10 years. Now, I don't know if you guys are familiar with the types of acids and other chemicals that a pool builder uses and stores in their toolbox, but they wreaked havoc on this little pistola. He was getting ready to sell the old truck, so he began to clean out the toolbox, and there it was - a greasy, rusty, barrel packed mess of a gun. He cleaned it up an, knowing my passion for firearms, gifted it to me for Christmas about 8 years ago. I stripped it, cleaned it up, and it's been a decent shooter since, but with a rough finish and weak firing pin spring. My grandfather is in his late 70's now, and I'd like for him to be able to shoot the gun in peak condition.

Anyway, I'd appreciate any recommendations that you have. Thanks!

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