Ok 7500$ 7 days 8 nights
Located in eastern cape near queenstown. We fly to Johannesburg then get a connecting flight to east london where the outfit picks you up and drops you off. If you want help with paper work for rifles and as well shipping of animals and rifle permits and booking flights i charge $250 to line everything up to make it hassle free trip and it is one of a kind place as well very safe and family oriented place. We take families and big groups over and i help everyone get everything they need to be prepared. I have pics but can not post them on here from my phone. Check out huntershill safaris on Facebook or google for pictures then you can contact me for booking and arrangements, i can customize packages just like this one here we did for a hunter.

We also have Cape buffalo for $8000 with 5 days included as well as sable for $5000 with 5 days

Here’s the list of animals that is in this package for 7500$
Kudu eastern cape roughly around 50-55” are big bulls for these kudu
White blesbuck
Those are trophies

5 cull blue wildebeest
10 culls "springbok blesbuck black wildebeest warthog impala" your choice of ones the guides find.
Lodging included and meals tip is not included and taxidermy we have guys that will help you get all that lined up for dip and pack and shipping back to the Usa. Avg price for that is around 2000-2500