My name is Denny Vasquez and I am the hunt coordinator for a Texas based charity called Texas Outdoor C.H.I.L.D. Everyone has heard of Make a Wish and the Miracle Network. These charities do great work for youngsters but will not provide hunting, fishing and other outdoor adventures for youngsters who are experiencing a life threatening illness or are in remission from one. This is why TOC was formed back in 2007. We provide the dream hunting, fishing or other outdoor related adventures for youngsters who have a life threatening illness, are in remission from one or have experienced a life altering physical medical event.

I am currently searching for a hunt for an 8 year old young man that has already had 3 open heart surgeries due to hypoplasia on the left side of his heart. I am working with him at the range with his dad to determine what the biggest caliber that he will be able to comfortably shoot. So far we are looking at .223, .243 or maybe a .7mm-08. Based upon this caliber range, the animal will probably need to be around 450 pounds or less. We have reviewed pictures of exotics with him and so far his choices are, "A Monster Axis buck bigger than my pepaws”, a scimitar horned oryx or a gemsbok. He really is not interested in a ram or hog hunt. I wanted to check to see if anyone in our group would be willing to work with Texas Outdoor C.H.L.D. in providing this young man his dream hunt? If you would be interested in helping us make this young man’s dream come true please reach out to me at either or For your reference, our Facebook page is Thank you for taking the time to read my post.